Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yes, that horrible thing called pricing.  At least, it's always been like a plague for me.  I just never know what's an appropriate price for things.

I look it up on the internet, you know the whole 'price equation' and I look around and see what others charge for things...but it always seems like it's so much.  I guess, for me, I would never pay these prices for cupcakes, cakes, pops, cookies, etc.  Perhaps because I know I can just make them??

My latest pricing predicament is for cupcakes.  A neighbor ordered cupcakes for a b-day party in school.  And I have no idea what to charge for them.  If I low-ball it, based on the average price out there for the bakery and/or home baking business, it would be $2/cupcake.  Wow...I think...that's a lot for cupcakes for school.  Like I said, I would just bake them myself, you know??  So, do I go lower or charge the $2/cupcake??

Oh, what to do, what to do...

On the flip side...we home baking business owners need to make money so I just need to man up and charge what I need to charge, right???

Yes...this is my biggest weaknes!!

Comments are welcome:)


  1. It would depend on the cupcakes. Are they special cupcakes or just a mix? Are they decorated fancy at all? I would pay $2/cupcake definitely for special cupcakes - say a special flavor or decoration, but for regular cupcakes, I wouldn't pay more than a normal grocery store price of about $.75 cupcake.

  2. I can understand your predicament..I hate pricing stuff out. I know the cupcakes I did for a friend last would have cost her around $80 from one of the local bakers (vanilla cupcakes/chocolate icing w/themed-wrappers and themed toppers). No way in heck could I charge someone $80 for 2 dozen cupcakes - friend or not. Since you are not widely known/publicized, I'd say go w/maybe $1.50 to $1.75 per cupcake...That way as you get more and more orders/clients, you can gradually up your prices if need be. Just my 2 cents.