Sunday, May 13, 2012

My first 'Dessert Table'...

Dessert tables seem to be all the rage these days... or, at least, I see a lot of them on websites and in peoples pictures and at some parties that I attend.  So, I thought, I want to put one together.  And what's more perfect that my daughter's communion party to try my hand at it.

I know it's not as elaborate as some I've seen and I didn't have any fancy signage for the treats and no matching straws/drinks to go with it...but I think I did a pretty darn good job pulling it off.  We went with a pink and white theme...even did her cake myself (yes, my first tiered cake covered in fondant).  Was it all perfect??  Of course not...but, it was a definite learning experience:)

I know all my blood, sweat and tears paid off when my daughter came into the room and her eyes nearly popped out of her head...she was sooooooo excited that I did all of that just for her!!

And, so, I leave you with my pics...

Special thanks to my Party Planning friend for the use of the tiered cake stand...
And special thanks to my Momma for cleaning up after me while I made a mess trying to put it all together!!


  1. It looked great! Your 1st attempt at Fondant was awesome! How did it taste?

  2. Excellent job!!! I was wondering about the fondant taste, too. Was it a recipe you made or one of the pre-made ones from Wilton, or Duff, or one of the other brands out there? I know some people eat the fondant, while others, like me, will just peel it off and eat the cake and light layer of icing underneath :-)

  3. I used the Satin Ice brand... just tasted it again. Really not so bad. It's just sugar.. some people ate it and some didn't. But, it sure does make the cake look nice:)