Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My first fondant bow...

Yeah... it's a disaster!!  I didn't work fast enough, it looks like crap and it's already cracking:(  But, it's only tuesday so perhaps I can try again tomorrow...
The crosses came out cool, though:)  And while I was at it, thought I'd make some little flowers just in case I want to use them...those came out good.  But, than again, I just rolled and used a cookie cutter.  There was not folding, attaching, moving, etc.

I also put this thing together...kinda could be a cross and I can put that nice pink one in the middle of it???
I'm still brainstorming on this cake.  I am definitely covering it in fondant and it is going to be 2 tiers.  So, now I have to figure out what decor I'm going to actually use and what to use to do the borders.

Any ideas from you creative people out there feel free to give a shout out!!

Have a great night:)

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  1. Great job!! What color fondant are you using the cover the cakes with? Why not try making a bunch of tiny fondant balls in matching color and use them like beads around the base of the cakes? Or, depending on the size of your flower cookie cutters, why not making a bunch of tiny flowers and use them along the base of each cake as border? Just an idea...I have the "birthday" fondant mold that Wilton put out so I have to play around with that so I can make the decorations for my nephews birthday cupcakes in a week. Haven't used the fondant molds yet, so this will be a learning experience, that's for sure. The Wilton bead mold would probably also work well for your cake, too. Good luck & can't wait to see a pic of the final product!!!