Monday, July 9, 2012

A Missed 'Golden' Opportunity:(

So, as you all know, I am baking my way through my own education in the baking world... making mistakes and learning from them along the way:)

Turns out, one of my fellow 'mom' dancers in my Polish Dance group used to own a bakery.. Yup, that's right... I can get information from a tried and true baker who's made lots of her own mistakes.  And yes, we will be doing a lesson on fondant this summer.. YEAH!!

But, here's the bummer news.. she is going to be putting together a 3D cake tomorrow.  How cool would that be to go over and watch/help her with it??  Yes, totally cool, right??

Alas, I am a Mom first and my children are my top priority... and, so, I will NOT be able to go watch and learn:(  Boo!!

This is one of the reasons it can be so hard to get ahead in doing everything I want to my baking and trying to get a website/business really and truly up and running.  But, I know my day will come, right??

I totally want to ditch Kyra's dance tomorrow... but, alas, it is paid for and missing a class (to me) is like throwing money away, right??  And, my niece is visiting from Texas so a bbq has been planned to celebrate her bday tomorrow night...

Now, must have my oven and kitchen fixed up in the apartment next door so maybe I could convince her next time (hopefully there will be a next time) that she needs to come do everything in my 'baking' kitchen!!

Been busy these past couple months... here's what I've been working on since I last wrote:)  I've probably missed's been a bit hectic with school ending, my brother's wedding and some orders!!
Ballerina cookies

Oatmeal Butterscotch cookies with Black & Tan Brownies:)

Baseball cookies for a 1st bday

Little Purse Cakes with Fashionista cookies and mini cupcakes!!

Shower Cake

Cheers themed Father's Day Cookies

Dessert Bouquets for Teachers

Rehearsal Dinner Cake

75 Horse Shoe cookies and some cake pops in the back!!

125 'Derby Bars' for Derby themed wedding

Read some fun books recently too... will put up a review soon of both.

This week- Graduation Cap cookies!!

Have a great night and go Eat Some

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