Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Buddy,

I am so excited to start my new adventure by baking my way through your new book.  I am a fan of the Next Top Baker show and occasionally do watch the Cake Boss one.  But, sometimes I just can't watch it b/c you tend to be a little full of yourself... although, you kinda can be a little full of yourself because of all that you can do.  And, you're not as annoying as that other guy...what's his name, Duff something or other??  So, I enjoy your work and was glad to stumble on your book.

It must have been fate b/c I have been searching for the Perfect book to Bake my Way Through for a while now.  I was going to do the CIA Baking and Pastry book...but, I think that's a little too daunting for my first time cover to cover book.  Well, I was walking through the library (which is one of the places I work) and I saw someone with your book in their hands and they were actually putting it back on the shelf.   I snatched that book right up so that I could see what you were all about.  Wasn't really sure what I would find in there either...but I was kinda hoping for some tricks of the trade and stuff.

I've never really 'read' a cookbook and all the forwards and helpful information sections before.  But, for some reason, I read yours.  I like it and I like your book.

So, tomorrow I start baking away and through your book.  I'm going to start with the cookies as you suggest...even though I am not a beginner in the baking world.  I just want to have some kind of direction.  I may wander through the book, though... as I might need a cake or something before I get there.  I will also be comparing your stuff to the stuff I already bake and bake well.  I'm really looking forward to the whole 'decorating' stuff at the end!!  

Thank you for putting out this book.  I'm excited to get started!!

Sincerely Yours,

Mommaliscious Bakester

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